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Thread: Witchblade 141

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    Witchblade 141

    Title: Witchblade 141
    Publisher Website: Top Cow Productions

    Writer: Ron Marz, Saurav Mohapatra
    Pencils: Stjepan Sejic
    Inks: Stjepan Sejic
    Number of pages: 32
    Price: $2.99
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: MAX: EXPLICIT CONTENT - 18 years old.

    Publishers Blurb:
    "Paper Monsters” Part 2 of 2!
    Sara Pezzini has investigated countless bizarre crimes, but her latest case may be the most shocking yet! Pezzini and her detective partner have encountered monsters and demons before, but these latest supernatural terrors seem to be born from the imagination of an innocent child.

    Reviewer Comments:
    Part 2 of the "Paper Monsters" story hit shelves yesterday. As you may recall from my previous review, I was a fan of part was a good set-up, and this is the pay-off: Witchblade versus freakish monsters, while her partner Patrick Gleason tries to stop the source of the problem.

    Once more, Stjepan Sejic draws some very pretty pictures, producing some impressive images of an armored up Witchblade, as well as some terrifyingly creepy monsters.

    I couldn't quite place my finger on the "why", but the script wasn't quite as crisp as it was last issue. It was far from bad, it just didn't match the quality from last month. That said, my favorite touch has to be the children's dad: There is no shocking revelation that he's evil, abusive, crappy, what have you...he's just an overworked single dad who didn't realize his kids were kind of creepy, borderline evil and definitely NOT normal...but he still loves his kids and doesn't want to see anything happen to them.

    As a reminder that Witchblade exists in a larger universe, we get a fitting cameo from Samantha Argent of Hunter-Killer, in one of those shared universe cameos that actually makes sense from a story perspective and isn't just a gratuitous guest spot. Even better, for guys like me who aren't 100% up on our Top Cow Universe these days, Bryan Rountree offers up another one of his incredibly useful editorials in the back that explains who Argent is. Seriously, his editorials on the last few issues I have read have been a noticeable boost to the quality...I say he deserves a raise.

    Props once more to everyone involved for a good, creepy tale.
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