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Thread: Jack Hammer: Political Science #2

  1. MichaelRoberts Guest

    Jack Hammer: Political Science #2

    Title: Jack Hammer: Political Science #2
    Publisher Website: Reasonably Priced Comics

    Writer: Brandon Barrows
    Pencils: Ionic
    Number of pages: 24
    Price: $2.99
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP - Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

    Publishers Blurb:
    In the second issue of the "Political Science" storyline, it looks like Jack is in trouble! ...Or is he? He now knows who killed Eddie Newman, but can he find out why? And more importantly, can he prove it? Stalked by a super-powered killer, Jack's time is starting to run out!

    Reviewer Comments:
    Jack Hammer issue #2 hovered on the 4-stars or 5-stars line, but the evolution of Ionic’s art from issue 1 easily pushed it into 5-star territory. First of all, just look at that cover. It has a very professional polish to it that is rare in small press books, and the cover is a more detailed and refined version of the artwork inside. Readers can get an impression of both the events of the story and the style from the cover alone.

    Ionic has shifted to a style that relies less on the actual linework and more heavily on the book’s coloring, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the effect. Panels feel less busy, but all of the necessary details and mood are present in each panel. Even when several characters are moving in one panel, the new style helps the reader to focus on what’s important by giving the centerpiece further detail. These types of shifts (relying on color more) seem most effective by one-man artistic crews. The transition to this slight change of style is seamless, and many readers may not even realize why the book’s art is even better this time around.

    Jack Hammer has a mixture of Jack Nicholson’s personality in Chinatown and Marvel Comics regular Luke Cage’s strength. His beat-em-up, no-nonsense style plays nicely against the backdrop of intrigue and politics that are becoming increasingly important as the series progresses. The book has a great array of characters, including a villain named Fang that has the head of a rat and the body of a man. He’s one of those characters that sounds kind of wacky, but the character works as a serious villain. He’s aggressive, and he seems a little unstable… the perfect mix for a henchman!

    The one bit that put the 5-star status in doubt was several references to comic books in the story. This is purely a matter of personal taste, but I’m always a little wary when stories become self-referential by talking about comics in the middle of the action. And while I was concerned after the first mention, I was a little overwhelmed by the several references afterwards. The story relied on the gag a little too much towards the end of the book.

    Aside from my one minor concern, Jack Hammer proves itself to be one of the strongest small press books out there with fantastic art and an engaging story. Pick this book up!
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  2. BrandonBarrows Guest

    Thanks, Michael!

    You're the second person to compare Jack to a Chinatown character. I guess I should see that movie.

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    When I hear the term political science my graduation period comes to my mind. it was terrible days for me, especially the dissertation in political science was very irritating. I had to spent a lot of time for that. But I could get decent marks in that. That was last thing have done seriously. Academic works are always irritating.

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