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Thread: Contest: How I Became a Zombie

  1. MartinBrandt Guest

    Contest: How I Became a Zombie


    Grand Prize: SydneyVennChaos

    Runners Up: GeekGirls, Mirage

    The Grand Prize Winner receives a copy of the book when it is released as well as their likeness immortalized within it's pages.

    Runners Up receive their likeness immortalized within the pages of the book.

    When you think Zombies, the average person asks; what happens when the undead rise to claim the earth? This time we ask the question though, how did they become a zombie? Better yet, how did you become a zombie?

    Grim Crew’s Dead Future, “How I Became a Zombie” contest asks just this question. Participants are asked to write about how they theoretically became a zombie at the start of the Zombiocalypse.

    Each contestant must write a paragraph explaining how they became a zombie. Three of the best will have their likeness drawn in the Dead Future. Grand Prize will receive their likeness and a free copy of the book when it comes this October.

    The steps to enter are simple:
    1) Register for an account at: Http://
    2) Ensure all your contact info on your profile is accurate.
    3) Post your paragraph here:

    The Contest runs from May 24th to June 21st 2009. All are welcome to enter; results will be posted June 24th. Only one entry per person will be accepted, multiple entries will disqualify them.

    This thread is for entries only, use this thread for discussion.
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  2. Ryusukanku Guest

    I always liked to be noticeable. Not in big ways but in small ways. I grew a big handlebar moustache, wore clothing that made me look a little different. That kind of stuff. I guess being noticeable doesn’t help you cross the street when a drunk driver is involved. Long story short... I was pronounced dead at the scene and my sorry-ass carcass was hauled away. Imagine my co-workers’ surprise when I showed up at work the next day. Despite Mr. Romero’s works might have shown I really didn’t seem to have a desire to feast on the fleshy bits of my co-workers. Nope. I just arrived on time, clocked in and got back to work as if nothing had happened. I mean Come on! I gotta work with them. Eating a co-worker has gotta be right up there with sexual harassment, right? Sure I’m a little slower these days but my friend have gotten used to my new idiosyncrasies and just give me a little space. Guess I’m noticeable now. I really Wish I could tell you WHY I came back. I haven’t got an answer for you. Maybe it was my mind set before I died. I wasn’t the fastest worker, or the hardest worker... but I was a steady worker noted for my dependability. I’ll leave the philosophizing up to you... as for me my lunch break is almost over and I gotta finish my lunch, clean up and get back to the office.

  3. SydneyVennChaos Guest

    When the dead began to rise, I was filled with giddy excitement. I had a whole shelf of my DVD collection devoted solely to Zombies. I had books. I had the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I even had a "Government Issued Poster" on my wall of how to deal with the Zombie Menace. I was ready for the rising dead. I strapped on my chain mail, I grabbed one of my swords and made my way out into the streets to bring the fight to the ever growing horde. I had been outside not five minutes when a pack of zombies thirteen strong descended upon me. I raised my sword and ran forth into the crowd, and immediately rotting hands grabbed me from every side hauling me to the ground as teeth bit harshly into my arms and neck. My last inglorious thought about how I hadn't killed a sin..... brainnnnnnnssssss.........

  4. neschria Guest

    It was about 2:15 on a Tuesday afternoon when I decided I had time to jog up to the corner store for a sandwich and soda before the kids got home from school. I'd be working on a new story all morning, typing away in relative quiet-- no TV and no radio. If I'd thought about it, I might have noticed more sirens than usual, but living on a major street, there were always sirens going by. I had no idea what was going on. Three houses down, I realized it was awfully quiet. Two more houses down the street, I heard some shuffling and moaning from the garage in front of me. I sped up, hoping to avoid talking to the person making those noises, still fixated on the thought of a nice BLT. As I crossed in front of the garage, the moaning gave way to a blood-curdling shriek, and I turned just in time to have a cold-blood-soaked hand grab me by the collar. I didn't have time to run. I never saw it coming.

  5. geekgirls Guest

    How I became a zombie….
    As usual, I left for work late that day. While minor details seem to evade me before my first cup of coffee, this morning was different. I noticed that the radio station I always listen to was not on the air, and the morning traffic rush seemed non-existent, except for that one lady standing on the side of the road. Entirely out of character, since I was going to be late for work anyway, I decided to pull up next to her and make sure she was alright. Looking pale and lifeless, she slowly approached my vehicle and then, without warning, leaned in with a ferocious growl and bit my arm! Once I finally broke free from her animal-like grip, I made it nearly a half mile down the road before any symptoms arose, making driving an impossible task. The intense burning sensation settled quickly into my veins and arteries, eventually causing the inevitable “death sleep”. When I woke, I experienced a hunger like never before. My incurable disease had claimed my soul and my only mission now was to hunt for food; human flesh!

    Although, if I were to tell you how I became a zombie, assuming the absence of a cure for this disease, I would already be a zombie and therefore my story would more logically be like this….
    Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhcd njds ‘akvmal’; vaw Nqnj KFVRFdasnj san

  6. pwnz805 Guest

    I know that he loves me. I wholeheartedly believe this, i saw it every time he twisted a curl of my hair around his fingers, the way he'd look at me and tell me my eyes are like the bluest gems. I knew he loved me even as he tightened the twine around my neck. I saw it in the way he sobbed and apologized to me after I stilled, how he rubbed at the marked skin as if to erase his actions, cradled my body as if to hold in my evaporating warmth. I know he loved me when he put me in the bedroom closet, as if to keep me near. I know he loves me now. And I love him back. Why waste something like what we have? I know he'll agree. I watch through the small keyhole as he answers the phone, makes some tea. I see the way he stares at the closet door from his chair, originally in the living room, now moved directly in front of the bedroom door. I watch, and I wait, he'll come see me soon. And then... then we'll be together, forever. I watch him watch me, practically having to choke back my happy laughter, I watch and i twirl a peice of twine in my hands. Soon...he'll come to me soon.

  7. planetsquared Guest

    How I became a Zombie

    Soooooo...aaayup....I'm a zombie I guess...thanks to some no account necromancer intent on raising the Powers of Darkness on Earth. The last thing I remember, before that idiot raised me, is a bus just flyin' at me, then a flash, and then a smell. Bad smell. Very bad smell. So I figure I smelt that awful stench, which was probably me, just after he tried to summon the Ultimate Evil. Fortunately, he sucks. Sucked. As soon as he told me I was the Ultimate Evil he had summoned, I pounced on him and bit him in the neck. No idea where the hell that came from, but whatever. It tasted good. So now I take it whenever I can get it, women, children, doesn't matter to me no more. I tend to stay away from seniors, though, they're a bit too dry for me.

  8. Riposte Guest

    I was working late in the lab one night, when a noise caught my ear the poorly replaced forceps had fallen to the floor. I quickly retrieved them and continued with the task at hand. I took the syringe to the fresh lumbar punch and drew off some yellowy cerebrospinal fluid. Again the incident of a strange noise distracted me and Instead of the vial I had prepared, I pushed the needle through my glove and the fluid spattered on to the floor. Fortunately I had missed my fingers completely and reminded myself to replace the glove. I walked to the sink, removed the gloves and washed the spill from my hands. I noticed that I had had a particularly fine manicure earlier that day and smiled at the polished nails. Once again the noises of things falling caught my attention. I stared over at the subject. It was moving and the restraints were slipping. Quickly I rushed forwards and re-secured the straps. The subjects mouth snapped at my hands as I worked and closed upon my skin. Fortunately, the soap I had covered them with meant the tooth enamel slid off and I finished the restraint. Another noise from the window reminded me I had not yet opened the box. I moved over to it and was pleased that the final installment of my “Make yourself undead in four easy steps” kit had arrived. I smiled as I opened the box and inhaled the sweet gray powder. Now all I had to do was to finish the experiment before the doctors returned.....

  9. Devilishlydo Guest

    My wife was one of the first people in the city to be bitten. She'd twisted her ankle, so we went to the emergency room. It was there that we saw our first zombie. He was just a little kid. Before I even knew he was there, he'd already bitten her. After the ER staff pulled him off her, they got her into a bed within minutes. Later, when the fever hit, she kept trying to get up and leave, so the nurses put her in restraints. Before then, I'd only ever seen those restraints in movies about mental patients. She kept slipping in and out of lucidity. Sometimes she'd know who I was; other times, she thought I was a doctor, a priest or her father. I was in the middle of telling her that everything would be alright when she shuddered, tried to say something and died. I screamed for help, but nobody came. I think I went a little crazy for a moment. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees next to her bed, bawling like a newborn. I was still crying when I heard her moan. I was still crying when I started removing her restraints. I was still crying when I put my forearm to her lips. One way or another, we would be together forever.

  10. costabear Guest

    It was a quiet day at work when I received a phone call from Dirk, my hamsterís bodyguard. You might be wondering why Mr. Snuggles needs a bodyguard, but thatís a story Iíd really rather not get into right now. Dirk told me that my hamster had been acting strange and his eyes had turned a crimson red. Petrified, I jumped into my car and rushed down Interstate-80 towards Des Moines to take my hamster to the vet. When I arrived home, my front door was ripped off the hinges and Dirk was nowhere to be seen. As I approached my hamsterís room, all I could hear was a steady thumping sound against the door. When I peered inside, I could see Mr. Snuggles sitting in the middle of the room. I cautiously made my way over to him and bent down to see if he was alright. As I put my hands at his feet to pick him up, he exploded. Blood splattered all over my clothes and my face. Instantly, I knew what had to be done next. I had to kill Paul Walker.

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