Title: The Incredibles: Family Matters #3 (of 4)
Publisher Name: Boom Studios
Writer: Mark Waid
Art: Marcio Takara
$2.99, 24 pages, Color

Safety Content Label: A - Appropriate for age 9 and up.

Publishers Blurb:
Legendary writer Mark Waid's action-packed story continues! Mr. Incredible is...GROUNDED?! Having become a threat to the team's safety, Helen has no choice but to force Bob's premature retirement from crime fighting! Can Mr. Incredible watch on the sidelines while his family faces constant danger? Features a Kirby-inspired incentive cover from Godland artist Tom Scioli!

Reviewer Comments:
If you are looking for a way to get a kid hooked on superhero comics using characters they already love, there isn’t a better option than the Incredibles.

In the same way that the movie looked at the whole family but particularly focused in on the father, this story looks at Mr. Incredible as he loses his powers. Unsure of himself and his place in the family, Mr. Incredible is given babysitting duty while the rest of the family acts as heroes. He does his best to give advice while the rest of the team is in the field, but it just isn’t the same.

Everything about this book brings over the feel of the movie without feeling a carbon copy. The clean lines of Marcio Takara capture the Pixar look with an added style to translate the characters to the page. Jose Marascol Jr.’s letters convey the characters’ frantic dialogue in the midst of battle, and Andrew Dalhouse’s colors are spot on.

One scene in particular stood out solely because of the colors. Mr. Incredible is in his home office trying to figure out who could have stolen his powers or why they disappeared. Throughout the scene, there is only small lamp that lights the entire room. The lighting is very soft, and the panels actually fade to black at the edges to convey the emotional sense of Mr. Incredible’s sulking. He sits directly under the light, causing the lamp to act as a tiny spotlight.

The coloring in the rest of the book was great, but the attention to detail in this one scene showcased the level of professionalism shown throughout this story.

This is a fun, kid-friendly book, and Mark Waid nailed the characters’ mix of humor and heroism into a great story.