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    Faction #0

    Title: Faction Issue 0
    Publisher Name: See Link
    Writer: Erik Hendrix
    Art: Arnie Gordon
    2.00 (Download), $3.50 printed., 21 pages, Black & White

    Safety Content Label: Unrated.
    Publishers Blurb:
    The year is 2025 and the worlds’ governments are focused on eradicating the escalating terrorist threat in the Middle East secretly supported by the demonic Den Malignity. This effort has left Master Sergeant Acker Kinney, a Special Ops Medic, scarred and short an arm, forever changed. When Acker is attacked by a demonic minion while recovering from his wounds in a military hospital, he is saved by Knights from the Society of the Enlightened. Soon he will be one of them; men and women blessed by God with countless lifetimes of knowledge and rediscovered powers. The Society and the Den Malignity, enemies in an eternal struggle, must react when other factions, long thought banished or destroyed, rise to reclaim what was theirs. The Society and its knights must determine in this changed landscape who their allies and enemies are as factions vie for a stake in the world’s destiny. The schemes of gods, the desires of demons, the powers of nature, myth, and the supernatural – all set forth to control a world the Society has sworn to protect. This is Faction.

    Reviewer Comments:
    I was recently sent an advanced copy of “Faction” by writer Erik Hendrix. Now for those of you who are familiar with, you’ll know that I don’t review comic books often. We have an extremely enthusiastic set of staff members who took over for this role from me a while back (they love doing it, so I figure I’ll let them have their fun too). Well this advance copy of ISSUE 0 of the BRAND NEW comic “Faction” was emailed to me directly. I read through the email, and the description from the publisher made me HAVE to bring back my review-writing. I won’t re-hash the publisher’s blurb as they do a very good job giving you a synopsis of “Faction”. I’m a big fan of war-based fiction, future-based fiction as well as anything where the characters have to beat the odds – this comic combines all of these.

    As I read through the comic I found it flowed extremely well – you don’t often see this in the first issues of a new comic. With each frame I found there was enough dialogue, but not too much to overwhelm the reader. In addition, the art complemented the dialogue beautifully. I found that Hendrix has layed out the plot nicely to ensure that the flow moved smoothly and helped us understand (in a very short time) who our main character is. Within a handful of pages I quickly knew the type of person Acker Kinney is, and his character was established nicely within the plot development. I continued reading the comic finding myself excited at the end of every page – waiting to flip to the next one. Just as I got REALLY eager to flip, I found that the comic was finished for this issue. In my opinion, this was an excellent move by Hendrix as I am now eager to see the next issue.

    You can order Issue 0 on AUGUST 1 online. You can download it, or pay a bit more to get it by mail. I’m unclear of if this is a pre-order for shipping in September; however, either way, I think you’ll be happy with this comic. I’m certainly hope issue 1 follows in the same footsteps of its older brother Issue 0.

  2. TheLastBard Guest

    Hi all! I'd like to thank Drake for the kind words about Faction Issue 0! It's been a lot of hard work getting the book to printed format, but soooo worth it! I'm proud of the end result and hope you all like it as well!

    As for how to get a copy of the book, if you purchase the PDF now you get to read it right away. As for the printed version, it's a pre-order to ship in September so we can determine our print run for the book. It will be worth the wait, though!

    FANS - There are two ways for fans to get Faction Zero.
    1. Order direct - Look up Faction, or item DSP-I09-F0. You can download for $2.00 or purchase the printed version for $3.50 plus postage BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
    2. Go to your local comic book store and give them the below retailer information, explaining that you want them to carry the book and, well, hopefully they will! Make sure they place their orders ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31st!
    RETAILERS - There are two ways to get copies to your store.
    1. Order from Haven directly by going to, sign up, send a mail to Haven requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction to order. All orders must be turned in for Faction on or before AUGUST 31st! Issues will deliver in September.
    2. Order from DimeStore directly by going to, sign up, send an email to DimeStore requesting to be set up as a retailer account, gather pre-orders from your store and then search for Faction DSP-I09-F0. Issues will deliver in September.

    Please note, the order code DSP-I09-F0 is Case Sensitive DSP-I(letter)0(zero)9-F0(zero).

    Writer – Erik Hendrix
    Artist – Arnie Gordon
    Colorist – Michael Nelsen

    If you want to learn more about Faction, check out
    Any questions about ordering, Faction in general, etc, email

    Thank you very much!
    Erik Hendrix
    Writer - Faction

  3. TheLastBard Guest

  4. TheLastBard Guest

    Here are some sample pages from Faction 0... Cover and 6-8 to give you a taste!

  5. Cary Guest

    gotta second all the praise here for Faction. I've been tracking this one pretty closely since the contest began, and i'll tell you right now this book hangs in there with any comic out there, no doubt about it. good work Erik! and good luck!

  6. TheLastBard Guest

    Cary, from a creator of your skills, I'm very thankful and humbled!

    Also, I'm very honored that Drake put back on his reviewer cap for this one!

  7. LiamBradley Guest

    Ah I want to read this!

    If you want a re view up on then let me know

  8. TheLastBard Guest

    Liam, I think you'll be reading it soon enough.

  9. TheLastBard Guest

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