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Thread: The Darkness #81

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    The Darkness #81

    Title: The Darkness #81
    Publisher Website: Top Cow

    Writer: Phil Hester
    Pencils: Phil Hester
    Inks: Ande Parks
    Colors: Sakti Yuwono, Arif Prianto, and Amira Wijaya of IFS
    Number of pages: 32 pages
    Price: 2.99
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY - 15 years and older. Similiar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

    Publishers Blurb:
    “Bog” Part 2 (of 2)

    Jackie Estacado, in his quest to destroy all of The Sovereign’s remaining vessels, must first overcome an ancient swamp creature known only as “Bog”. And if an unbeatable ancient creature wasn’t enough, Jackie will also have to contend with the unkillable mercenary known only as Scab! Featuring a brand new cover by regular The Darkness artist Michael Broussard.

    Reviewer Comments:
    The Darkness #81 has little bad-mouthed demons, mobsters, a man that can feel no pain, and a bog monster. All of that sounds strange but makes for a surprisingly poignant and sad comic. The story, by Phil Hester, is told mostly from the perspective of a mythical swamp defender and delves deep into the tragedy that is....well being a monster.

    Hester does an excellent job of juggling a few plot-lines while keeping forward momentum. The lead (and darkness vessel) Jackie Estacado continues in his quest for vengeance and destruction of The Sovereign by taking out his remaining vessels. This comic is peppered with interesting and fun characters written by Hester. The actions of one particular character, Scab, a mercenary without a conscience or the ability to feel pain have to be seen to be believed.

    Hester also pencils the comic himself, and does a great job. Many times with writer/artists, you get great writing with so-so drawing, or amazing art with crappy story. But that's not the case here as his art is action packed and easily read and a great compliment to his story. The inks and colors are also spot on, and do a great job of enhancing Hesters pencils.

    The story of The Bog is really what shined through for me though. It's tender and tragic and a little touching and when its mixed with swords and explosions (which it is) it makes for an interesting read. Check it out.

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