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Thread: The Darkness #83

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    The Darkness #83

    Title: The Darkness #83
    Publisher Website: Top Cow

    Writer: Phil Hester
    Pencils: Michael Broussard
    Inks: Rick Basaldva
    Colors: Arif Prianto of IFS, Ink assists by Dulce Brassea
    Number of pages: 32
    Price: 2.99
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: MAX: EXPLICIT CONTENT - 18 years old.

    Publishers Blurb:
    “The Hunting Party”, Part 2 of 2!
    Jackie Estacado, the current bearer of the Darkness, often takes advantage of the fact that his enemies don’t know the extent of his powers or his weakness to light. Captured by an old enemy Jackie will have to rely on his wits alone to survive. Meanwhile, Jackie’s crew must deal with the Sovereign without their powerful boss to back them up!

    Reviewer Comments:
    In The Darkness #83 Jackie Estacado bearer of "The Darkness" squares off against a squad of tanks and that's just a tidbit of the action and fun within these pages.

    Beyond the action, however, Phil Hester continues to make The Darkness a great read and find new things to do with the character even after 80 issues. In this issue his great pacing and storytelling allows him to finish of his "hunting party" arc while continue his larger overarching story of Jackie and crews battle to destroy his enemy The Sovereign. While its full of action and fun and demons comically begging Jackie to be put in the battle, the real centerpiece of the comic is the character interaction between Jackie and Major White. Through a simple conversation at the end of the book Hester is able to really dig in a little deeper and reveal a little more about both of these damaged souls.

    Hester's script is expertly executed by the art team which has the fantastic Michael Broussard on pencil duty. His layouts are clear and easily read and his eye for the "camera" is spot on. His pencils themselves are detailed but in a stylistic way and he has a great eye for what is too much or too little and never crowds a panel but never leaves it bare either. His art has some much added depth by his ink and color team who really give his pencils some weight and definition. This issue is a great example of a story told simple and clean, but with expert skill and style and the right amount of detail.

    This issue of Darkness, much like most of what Ive read of Hester's run, has a great mix of action, and fun, but always with care to find what's interesting about the characters and it's a book that deserves more people checking out.

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