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Thread: Chaotic Soldiers Vol. 1

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    Chaotic Soldiers Vol. 1

    Title: Chaotic Soldiers Vol. 1
    Publisher Website: Arcana Comics

    Writer: Daniel Moser
    Pencils: Pablo Peppino
    Colors: Edward Bola
    Number of pages: 132
    Price: 19.95
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP - Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

    Publishers Blurb:
    The Orcish Empire seeks to claim Eire as their own, to conquer its people in the name of the Emperor and use its resources to launch further campaigns against the rest of the world. Little do they know that this invasion will be but a cover for a far more sinister quest, one which could bring about not only the downfall of the Empire but the downfall of all the kingdoms on the face of Magen. Luckily there's a small group of outcasts who will stand in their way, not because they want to save the world but because they want to save each other.

    Coming December 2010 from Arcana Comics, Chaotic Soldiers is a full color graphic novel full of swords and magic. Anyone and everyone can read the first chapter, for free, at .

    Diamond Code: OCT10 0759

    Reviewer Comments:
    Fantasy comics are usually hit or miss with me. I either love them or lose interest around page two. So, it was a bit daunting to sit down to 132 pages of a a book knowing I may never see 130 of them.

    I needn't have worried.

    CHAOTIC SOLDIERS is the tale of Mikal and Honus, two brothers who witness their parent's murder at the hands of hobgoblins and brigands. But, they later discover that there was more to this horror than just a random encounter, as their father was a DRAGONBANE KNIGHT, and his murder was part of a grand and treacherous design.

    While it's a little rough around the edges, CHAOTIC SOLDIERS is a highly enjoyable book. The characters are interesting and fully realized, and the story is intricate without being convoluted, and it flows quite well.

    In fact, there was something about the characterization and way the tale was told that made me remember being 13 and reading the DRAGONLANCE novels for the first time.

    Peppino's art is pretty strong, and he delivers that fantasy look. Edward Bola's colors do a nice job of bringing the whole thing to life.

    So, not only did I make it past the first two pages, but 132 pages later I find myself looking forward to what comes next.
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