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Thread: Witchblade 140

  1. TommyBrownell Guest

    Witchblade 140

    Title: Witchblade 140
    Publisher Website: Top Cow Productions

    Writer: Ron Marz, Saurav Mohapatra
    Pencils: Stjepan Sejic
    Inks: Stjepan Sejic
    Number of pages: 32
    Price: $2.99
    Color: Color
    Safety Content Label: MAX: EXPLICIT CONTENT - 18 years old.

    Publishers Blurb:
    "Paper Monsters” Part 1 of 2!
    Sara Pezzini has investigated countless bizarre crimes, but her latest case may be the most shocking yet! Pezzini and her detective partner have encountered monsters and demons before, but these latest supernatural terrors seem to be born from the imagination of an innocent child.

    Reviewer Comments:
    Man, Stjepan Sejic sure does make some pretty art.

    That is the first thing that stood out to me when I started reading, was just how nice the book looked.

    All of the characters stand out, rather than appearing to be the same person with different hair color (if I mention that a lot, that's because it's a pet peeve of mine). The facial expressions are great, like a scene in an elevator between Sara and her boyfriend/partner Patrick Gleason, when he makes an innocent comment that exposes some deep-seated insecurities Sara has. So, not just some pretty art, but some very nice storytelling as well.

    It isn't entirely without complaint, as I didn't immediately recognize Gleason from his recap picture to his first appearance in the comic, as he appeared older in the comic than he did in the recap, which I'm *fairly* sure had to do with a change in artists. Also, there is no real action in this issue, and I'm mildly nervous that the art is going to prove a action scenes, though I hope I'm wrong.

    Troy Peteri doesn't do anything flashy with the lettering, but he doesn't need to, getting the script across with the pictures so we know what's going on.

    Speaking of the script, co-written by Ron Marz (who I am a fan of) and Saurav Mohapatra (who I am completely unfamiliar with), it is a very nice read. This is basically a supernatural police book, starting with the murder of a doorman at a hoity-toity apartment building and ending with Sara armoring up when it's time to take out the bad guy. There is some great interaction between Sara and Gleason that start's off as cute little asides and, as mentioned, turns into a slightly tense moment when Sara's guard slips and her insecurities show through.

    This *isn't* a big mystery and doesn't try to paint itself as one, glossing over the "boring" parts of the search and getting us to the place where Sara and Gleason start to figure out exactly what's going on. As the publisher's blurb implies, there are kids involved...bratty, snotty kids. In fact, nearly everyone in this hotel seems to be crappy except, surprisingly, the kids' father, a banker who works very long hours. I rather hope we find out that he's just that, a guy working long hours but otherwise decent, and not evil or even an unbearable snob...honestly, that's just been overdone. The ending (of part one) is not only not a shocker, but even Sara comments as such to Gleason...sometimes it really is okay to give the audience what they're expecting.

    Great use is made of color, as a heavy use of an eerie red floods the art whenever the Bad Stuff is happening. Also, read the newspaper in the beginning very closely for a call-out to Phil Hester's Firebreather.

    I give it four stars not because I have any real complaints with's a great read (as Ron Marz usually is), with very nice art and a far more efficient piece of storytelling than we have seen since the rise of six issue trade paperbacks...I'm just not sure that, at the end of the day, it's going to be anything memorable. So while it's not necessarily an A-1, Must Read, 5 Star offering, Witchblade #140 - available this Wednesday - is really quite entertaining, and there are worse ways that you could be spending your comic book dollars.
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  2. mohaps Guest

    good to know you liked it :)

    Hey man, thanks for liking WB #140.

    -- Saurav Mohapatra

  3. TommyBrownell Guest

    Thanks for doing a great job with it...=)

  4. mohaps Guest

    heh, working with Ron again was a pleasure

    I kinda learned the ropes under him during my stint with Virgin Comics.

  5. TommyBrownell Guest

    Ah, gotcha. Good times! Ron actually won me over years ago with the initial Kyle Rayner run on Green Lantern.

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